by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
LOVE The Real da vinci code
LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE reveals the secret set of symbols and numbers from which all creation flows. . . So to recreate everything, including yourself with LOVE, here is the knowledge and advanced technology.
This monumental book and 2-hour documentary on DVD, by Sir Leonard                   George Horowitz, relays the musical-math of Divinity to     empower humanity.

LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE is a decryption of Leonardo’s most famous drawing, The Vitruvian Man.  This cryptograph maps Divine-    human communion for the masses. 

LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE        heralds the technology for planetary salvation, essential knowledge for spiritual evolution. . . .

LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE        accelerates the Spiritual Renaissance and predicts the Grand Unification of civilization with our Source as compelled by natural forces.

LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE explains Da Vinci’s creative genius and empowers you to be similarly, even saintly, inspired.
The “Real Code” models the                                        mathematical-musical Matrix of        the universe and a unique      instrument called the “Monochord” that captivated the ancient world’s attention, including Leonardo’s mentors: Plato, Pythagoras, and Vitruvius. 

LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE              by Dr. Horowitz, the bestselling                author of sixteen books            including Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, presents          the Perfect Circle of Sound™ eternally broadcasting optimal        enlightenment, health and           well-being. 

The LOVE CODE features the 528Hz frequency of LOVE, connecting your heart to the center                     of the universe.                       With this Divine tone,               musical performers                     can automatically fine                   tune you into the               vibrations of LOVE,                health, happiness,                      and spiritual sustenance.

The Real Da Vinci Code decrypts the full meaning of The Vitruvian Man,                 including the Vitruvian Woman       behind the man, and the human potential to live a physically-      blessed and blissful life.

If you have watched the documentary DVD called THE SECRET, then take your next step.  LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE explains the spiritual mechanics and musical-mathematics behind THE SECRET.

Release Your             Divine-Human Potential   with the e-book, the printed book, and the                                 
LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE and The LOVE CODE DVD.

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